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VANS: No Room for Silence

Speculative Commercial produced as a part of Arab Film Studio Directing for Commercials 2022 Workshop

Written, Directed & Produced by Chetna Vaidyanathan 
Cinematography by Ahmed Nouman
Starring: Esraa Abou Shahin
Art Direction by Chetna Vaidyanathan, T Vaidyanathan & Radha Vaidyanathan
Sound design & Music by Gabriel Hansen
Hair & Makeup by Sara Metwally
Wardrobe: Chetna Vaidyanathan & Aafreen Shahab
Production Manager: Mansour Ahmed
Editor: Majid Sarhaddi
Colorist: Yulian
Assistant Director: Feras Saleh
Mentored by: Henri Bassil
Executive Producer: Alicia Gonzalez
Line Producer: Oksana Shumylo

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